Atlassian Consulting Services for teams of all kinds

We offer the best in class consulting services for all your Atlassian needs. Our exhaustive experience with organizational processes and technology and our commitment to value delivery makes our consulting services unique on its own.

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Tools Analysis

Atlassian Tools driving efficiencies

We offer expertise in the Atlassian suite of productivity and collaboration tools, setting up a roadmap for changing technology landscape

Jira Software

Jira Software

#1 software development and agile project management tool based on Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk

#1 most popular and affordable ITSM tool, delivering an exceptional service management experience.

Jira Core

Jira Core

Measure performance, manage any business project including marketing campaigns, onboarding and operations, legal and finance.



A content collaboration tool and an efficient documentation tool, providing a common platform for teams to work together and share information easily.

Jira Align

Jira Align

An Enterprise Agile Planning platform that connects work to product, program and portfolio management at scale, visualize, plan and track your work progress along the way.



A web-based version control repository hosting service for source code and development projects that use either Mercurial or Git projects.

Assessment and Discovery

Solutions and Services for
tools Assessment and Discovery

Scleraworx is your trusted partner for assessments of your current processes, tools and technology. New to the Atlassian world and looking for Agile and Productivity tools expertise?

Assess your tools stack
Assessment Services

Our vast experience in the technology, cloud computing, productivity and collaboration space acts as an enabler to provide you with actionable recommendations and options that brings out the true return of investment of your time, money and trust. We have designed a fast track Assessment process, that keeps all stakeholders engaged and up to date with milestones, driving visibility, transparency and delightfulness for our customers.

Team of subject matter experts

Technical and Process Assessment

In-depth Tools Analysis and Usage Guidelines

Lean execution of Assessments

Actionable recommendations and options

Deep dive into configuration
Discovery Services

Setting your organization on a Roadmap for Tools Proliferation and Adoption. We are subject matter experts of multiple Productivity and Collaboration tools, including the entire Atlassian toolset. We engage in multiple stakeholder interviews to understand the team and process landscape. We evaluate your current Atlassian tools configuration and align our recommendations to your organizational vision.

Team Surveys

Stakeholder interviews

Roadmap for tools proliferation

Iterative post-discovery implementation plan

Expertise in processes and team dynamics

Agile & SAFe Processes

Evangelize agile processes and transformations with
Agile and Scaled Agile - SAFe services

Delivering customer delight with our value-based Agile solutions and services

Agile Services

Agile Services

Scleraworx is a proponent of agile principles and take pride in implementing all our internal processes and execution mechanisms in an Agile manner. This has driven everyone in our company to think Agile, making our value proposition to our customers very much Agile centric. Our solutions always have an Agile touch to it, be it discovery or onboarding or implementing Atlassian tools. Our 15 years of exhaustive experience with Agile methodology and marrying Agile with Atlassian tools makes us stand apart from the rest of the competition

Enterprise Scaled Agile

Enterprise Scaled Agile - SAFe

Scleraworx have successfully implemented SAFe using Jira and Confluence. With the supreme custom customization power of Jira, only enhanced with Plugins like Portfolio, BigPicture, BigGannt, rolling out SAFe methodology to an entire organization is an expertise that very few Atlassian Solution provider can offer. We have a team of certified Agile Scrum Masters, Product Owners and SAFe Agilist and this is an enabler for our customers to trust Scleraworx with Enterprise Agile transformations and tools rollout.


Onboarding teams with confidence
Customized Trainings for faster adoption

Faster onboarding and organic adoption across your organization is our value promise

Delightful and Seamless
Onboarding Solutions

Thoroughly equipped with the detailed and in-dept Discovery and Analysis, we make the tools and process onboarding a seamless and delightful experience for our customers. We take a step by step approach and are strategic in our planning and precise in our execution. Categorization of end users into novice, business and advanced helps us in designing a onboarding plan that is customized to your needs. We supplement this with our brown bag and lunch and learn sessions.

Strategy and Precision

User base categorization

Phased rollout

Stakeholder engagement and alignment

Fast and Customized
Training Services.

Scleraworx offers training Agile and Atlassian tools training, catering to users with various levels of expertise. Our expertise comes from experience and we understand the potential training areas where specific emphasis needs to be given. Be it in-person trainings or online, training customers has always been a satisfying experience for us. Be it Jira and Confluence user level training or system admin training, Scleraworx is there to help you get to the next level.

Agile and SAFe training

Jira and Confluence User Trainings

Jira and Confluence System Admin Trainings

Marketplace Add-on Trainings

A drive for Excellence
Committed to your Vision

Plan with efficiency | Strategize with precision | Execute with finesse

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