Atlassian Migrations done right Cloud, Server and Data Center.

We are experts in executing Migrations of Atlassian products across cloud, server and data center platforms and also migrating data from third party applications. We take pride in the Migrations that we have done for our clients, which have a proven track record of success and satisfaction



Data Integrity is at the epicenter of all
our Migration services

Organizational priorities change over time and so does technology and collaboration tools strategy and infrastructure. Whether that infrastructure roadmap leads to Cloud, On Premise or Data Center, Scleraworx is your trusted partner in the journey to consolidate and migrate platforms, without any compromise to Data Integrity


Proven track record of success and client satisfaction

Special emphasis on Data Integrity checks

Proactively identify Post Migration steps

Exhaustive Migration Cutover Scripts and test plans


Database Expertise

User management expertise with Single Sign-on

Add-on compatibility checks


Platform agnostic
Atlassian Migration Services

Establishing milestones and detailed migration plan via cutover scripts are key deliverables in our value promise for migration services. Trust is of paramount importance and we have proven our trust with multiple game changing large scale Atlassian Migrations

Cloud to Server

Cloud to Server

Cloud to Data Center Migrations

Server to Cloud Migrations

Server to Data center Migrations

Data Center to Cloud Migrations


Merge, Consolidate and Migrate with confidence

Merging multiple instances of Jira or Confluence or BitBucket is a complex process that needs strategic planning and precise and methodical execution. Our team of migration experts are skilled at what it takes to get migrations done right! Here are some common migration use cases we have solved for.



You have an instance in the cloud and you have an instance in server. Technology roadmap is geared towards either cloud or server. We set your Atlassian tools for success by merging your cloud and server instances and then migrating it to the platform of choice.



As your business grew, someone made a decision to spin up multiple Jira instances in the server. Now, you are left with two or more unmanageable Jira instances and unsatisfied business users. With our expertise in Jira instance consolidation, we go an extra mile of cleaning up the configuration of your instances before consolidating them, resulting in delightful users.



You have a data center Jira instance and you just acquired a company that has a server jira instance. While other systems are getting integrated as part of the acquisition along with User Management, the entire process might turn out to be overly complex and time consuming. We understand the challenges and have helped organizations to successfully integrate, merge, consolidate and migrate enterprise systems.



You have been using Jira and Atlassian tools for a long time now. The instances have become unmanageable with complex configuration. There are multiple Jira administrators and you do not have a governance and change intake process in place. As part of our services, we perform a complete housekeeping of you instances and establish processes to optimize your tools and drive efficiencies



One of your legacy application is being sunset and there is a need for a new collaborative and productivity tool. However, all the existing data has to be mapped and migrated over. Our team of tools SMEs has the expertise to solve for the most complex legacy conversions.


Precise and Accurate migration tools

Our successful migration track record would not have been possible without the usage of cutting edge migration tools. We partner with top Marketplace Add-on Vendors to provide you with a seamless migration experience

Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager

An ultimate migration tool, allowing automated deployment of system and configuration snapshots with intuitive UI and audit trail

Jira Project migration

Jira Project migration

Jira provides inbuilt functionality to migrate project and configuration elements across instances and projects

Project Configurator

Project Configurator

Migrate Jira project configuration and data with an ability to Stage, approve, and push changes on demand

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