You’ve Got the Work. We’ve Got the People.

Let Scleraworx’s wide range of staffing solutions round out your team and optimize your outcomes.

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You’ve Got the Work. We’ve Got the People.
Identifying the Need

Staff Augmentation

  • Do you have more work than your full-time team can handle?
  • New projects or initiatives that you’re struggling to staff?
  • A specific skillset you can’t get full-time headcount for?
  • Need a contractor working behind the scenes to help with coordination and documentation for an overworked team?

We pride ourselves on offering highly skilled, accountable professionals for an incredibly wide array of specializations and services.

Whether you’re filling a single position or an entire team, technical roles or creative-based roles – we can help. Staff augmentation is one of our core and highest-rated services, so let us impress you with our quality and our cost.

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Roles We Fill

Roles to Fit your Team, Plans to Fit Your Budget

Our large, diverse pool of candidates has been meeting clients’ needs across IT, Creative, and Administrative positions since our inception.

We offer various placement and pricing plans for temp staff of all levels: from highly technical, industry-seasoned veteran contractors to more junior, generalist resources. Roles we have placed include:


Software Admin


Systems Engineering

IT Management

Project Management

Web Development

UX Design

Many, many more…

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Affordable Solutions

We place individual contractors for these roles AND/ OR can build out full teams if there’s a missing capability in your organization.

With pricing plans starting at ~ $3,200/ month for part-time availability and $4,500/ month for full-time availability, we are confident we can meet your needs and your budget requirements.

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The Scleraworx team seamlessly integrated into our projects and culture, exhibiting a profound understanding of our goals and requirements. Their expertise, proactive communication, and impeccable execution ensured that our projects are delivered on time, within budget, and consistently surpassing our expectations. Their work quality and reliability are unmatched – deadlines are not just met, but exceeded, showcasing their keen attention to detail and industry expertise.
Brittany Butterworth - HubSpot
Brittany Butterworth
PM Manager, HubSpot